18.04.2024 162

Saneg Oil Italy starts production and sales of branded products in the European Union and Uzbekistan

Saneg Oil Italy, a subsidiary of Uzbekistan's largest privately-held oil and gas company, has started producing lubricants and greases for industrial applications using the Saneg Oil brand.

04.04.2024 938

Saneg moves to raise its share of the Uzbekistan lubricants market, importing oils from its new Italian subsidiary and raising its own domestic production

Saneg начала поставки синтетических и полусинтетических масел SEG Motol Diesel 10W-40, API CI-4/SL, изготовленных на итальянском заводе компании в городе Бари.

29.03.2024 777

Saneg invests in the development of its management staff

The company has launched the "School of Leadership" training program, which consists of 10 modules divided into two blocks: performance management and team management.

20.03.2024 1126

Saneg showcased Bari's oils and lubricants plant as an integral component of its manufacturing facility

The Italian representative, Deputy Mayor Eugenio Di Sciascio of Bari, welcomed Saneg to the Puglia region and promised support for the Uzbek company's activities. The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Italy, Abat Fayzullayev, noted the importance of implementing such interstate integration and production projects.

19.02.2024 2216

Saneg and Vema Carbon launch flare gas utilisation project

The project will create conditions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and optimizing production processes.

14.02.2024 3867

Saneg announces the acquisition of CGC Lubricants Italy, an Italian producer of oils and greases

Uzbekistan's largest private oil and gas company, Saneg, said it has acquired CGC Lubricants Italy S.p.A., an Italian producer of high-quality oils and greases for the automotive and industrial sectors. Thanks to this acquisition, Saneg significantly expands its presence on the European market and strengthens its position as a technological leader in the lubricants industry.

27.01.2024 2006

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