Company values are the prism via which all company decisions pass. The company relies on fundamental principles: compliance with safety and labour protection rules, respect for its own employees and customers, improving the efficiency of management and production processes, responsibility for decisions made, encouraging initiative and the gradual introduction of international ESG standards.



Safety and security considerations are core to all decision making. People and their health are the main value of the company.

People and their knowledge

We value people and their knowledge, which ultimately helps us achieve ambitious goals. Effective work is impossible without relying on the company’s human resources and sufficient training of employees. Work is constantly executed to improve skills, systematize and transfer knowledge from generation to generation, and master related professions.

Attention to clients

The Company highly appreciates openness and close interaction with its customers and clients and carefully studies their needs, as they largely determine the direction of the company's development.


Respect for people is at the heart of all the company's activities.


The efficient work of the entire Company directly depends on the effective interaction of all production areas, and on the awareness of each employee of their role and contribution to the common cause. 


The Company values ​​feedback as a powerful tool to optimise the efficiency of production. Feedback relays up-to-date information about all processes in the organization and timely adjustments to the work of managers, employees, and departments.

Initiative and improvement

The Company appreciates and encourages the initiative of employees who offer non-standard, inventive solutions, and their constant desire to improve work processes.

Partnership and good neighbourliness

The Company accepts and understands the importance of corporate social responsibility and invests in improving the quality of life of people in the regions where it operates. The Company also supports projects to improve life in areas where it operates, making it more interesting and comfortable, and works closely with local associations and organizations.

Balance and decision making 

No problem can be solved without sufficient analysis to minimize incidents of erroneous decision making.


Mutual fulfilment of obligations ensures an honest and open dialogue between the Company and its employees. The Company encourages employees to expand areas of responsibility, within their competencies, and expand  employees’ responsibilities.

ESG practices

We are ready to become leaders in development of ESG practices in Central Asia.