This section contains acceptable versions of the Saneg company logo that can be used in external sources, as well as a clear methodological guide for utilising Saneg’s corporate identity—contained in the company’s brand book.


The logo represents a new model for the company’s development as a vertically integrated energy group. Today, Saneg is well-positioned to participate in the oil and gas market. From raw materials extracted at wells to the processing at the Fergana Oil Refinery (FNPZ) and its eventual sale at the Gas Station Network.

The new Saneg logo is a combination of a sign and writing. The sign reveals three important symbols: a drill that represents working with the earth’s interior, three lines all in a different colour that symbolizes three steams- upstream, midstream and downstream, and the Latin S- which depicts the first letter of the company’s name.

The name is written in a clear, minimalistic but soft font that symbolizes the company’s openness, clarity, and customer orientation.

You can download the company logo in any of the required formats. Before using the logo, make sure to pay attention to the security fields and other recommendations given in the brand book.


All logos on this page are presented in universal formats that can be used on Windows or Mac platforms. Please be aware that professional graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and CorelDRAW is usually required to view some of the file formats listed below.

If you have prior permission from Saneg to reproduce and use our logos, the following Saneg logos are allowed to be reproduced. If you have any questions about obtaining a pre-authorization, please contact Natalia Silkina, Saneg’s Press Secretary, by email at


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