Professional development

Training centre

We provide ample opportunities for career and professional development, for all employees.

SEG employees can work with and learn from the best foreign specialists and engineers of Uzbekistan. Managers and key employees are regularly assessed and trained to develop their professional and managerial skills further.

We train employees in four areas: safety, working professions, professional and managerial competencies.

Corporate training centre

SEG's own training centre for technical and operating personnel operates in Karshi (Uzbekistan). We develop the qualifications of workers and train future production engineers. We teach practical skills at the training ground with modern equipment:

  • Pumping unit SK-6
  • Production well with ESP (installation of electric centrifugal pump) and CS (control station)
  • Operating naturally flowing wells
  • Injection well
  • Three-phase oil transformers of the TMPN series for powering submersible electric pumps for oil production
  • Site of pumping unit type NB (mud pump)
  • Comb block

In 2022 we launched a training program for Oil and Gas Production Operators. It is designed for current employees and graduates. After training, graduates undergo internships at SEG production facilities under the guidance of mentors.

We cooperate with leading educational centres and specialized universities

The Company's specialists are trained annually in leading training centres and universities: ERIELL Prof Education and others.

We develop programs for managers and specialists

The level of competencies for managers and key employees is assessed regularly.

Young Specialist Development Programs are in place

A program has been launched for oil and gas production operators, a mentoring program, youth shifts for graduates have been organized.

Knowledge base and skills exchange programs for employees are introduced

Online courses, webinars and round tables are regularly held.