One of the largest oil and gas companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan, we are constantly looking for new team members.

Our offer

For production workers:

At our production sites in Mubarek, Karshi, Andijan, and Navoi, we provide accommodation for workers on a rotational basis, 14/14, as well as travel to and from the work place, medical care and high-quality overalls according to modern standards. A shift lasts 12 hours.

Our accommodations are equipped with all the necessary amenities for living, with TVs and well-equipped kitchen and dining rooms. Bedrooms are heated and have air conditioning.

Employees are provided with three warm, well-balanced meals a day, which adhere to quality standards.

For the leisure of employees, we organize sports events - table tennis and football tournaments. Chess and checkers for mental warm-up, and for physical - horizontal bars and bars. The company has a Trade Union Committee, whose task is to respect the rights of employees and protect the interests of each employee. A collective agreement is in place.

For office workers:

The working day is from 9 am to 6 pm, with a one-hour lunch break. Our central office is located at the following address: Tashkent, Bunyodkor Avenue, 47. This is a Class "A" office building, with a convenient location near Metro Station "Almazor" Company buses run from the metro station to the office in the morning and back in the evening. The map can be viewed on the "Contacts" page of this website. Inside the office

The office has a comfortable and balanced division of office space, which can be organized both in open space and in bureau style. Employees are provided with well- equipped work stations. Each floor has several large and small rooms for lunch and coffee breaks.