Occupational health and safety at work

Occupational health and safety at work

Safety at work is of the highest priority for Saneg.

Occupational health and safety at work

The Company strives to achieve a zero-injury rate in all divisions by constantly improving the HSE management system.

  • Strict observance of Uzbek and international requirements in the field of OHS;
  • Implementation of the best world practices;
  • Risk-calculated approach and control of key risk factors; and
  • Maintaining and developing a safety culture among Saneg employees and contractors.

Strategic goals in the field of HSE:

  • 0 fatal accidents among employees and contractors;
  • Achievement by the end of 2022 of an occupational injury rate (LTIFR) of no more than 0.5 among employees and contractors; and
  • Forming a conscious attitude of personnel to their own safety.

At monthly meetings the Company's management reviews the status of HSE Strategy implementation, HSE projects, and investigation results into any workplace accidents. The information optimises analysis of the HSE management system. HSE KPIs are also assessed.

The Health and Safety Department coordinates health and safety issues at all Group enterprises. Each regional production unit has its own health and safety service department. To develop and maintain the safety management system for Saneg contractors, a special project office exists in the HSE Department. A special department organizes work with contractors on large investment projects for reconstruction and development.

The requirements for compliance with Saneg's HSE principles are the same for company employees and contractors.

Staff training and engagement

The Company complies with all state-prescribed requirements for HSE training. Extra measures are also taken to improve the Company’s safety culture.

For a systematic approach to learning, Saneg is developing a plan to endorse certain skills and knowledge, and improve the professional competencies of employees.