Personnel policy

Personnel policy

The main asset of the IP LLC "Sanoat Energetika Guruhi" and a key resource in the implementation of business tasks are qualified and proactive employees of the Company. This position is the basis of the Company's Personnel Policy.

The main asset of the company and a key resource in the implementation of business strategy are qualified and enterprising employees of the Company. This approach forms the basis of the Company's Personnel Policy.

The Company considers personnel as a strategic resource that provides us with a competitive advantage and contributes to its development.

The purpose of the personnel policy is to provide the company with highly qualified employees, create conditions for their efficient work, form and develop human resources in accordance with the Company’s development strategy.

Principles of personnel policy:

  • Ensuring a unified approach in making personnel-related decisions at all levels 
  • Continuous planning of personnel management processes, based on a regular assessment of the company's human resources;
  • Transparency and openness in human resource management;
  • Efficiency and economic approach in human resource management;
  • Improvement of human resource management methods, via modern personnel technologies and automated control systems;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changes in socio-political and external economic factors;
  • Continuity - preservation of positive trends in human resource management.

The main components of the Personnel Policy are:

  • Selection and assessment;
  • Staff training and development;
  • Motivation and remuneration;
  • Social policy;
  • Corporate communications;
  • Work with young specialists.

The Personnel Policy is an effective mechanism to manage a team of highly qualified employees, who seek to maximize their potential in solving the technical, economic and social problems of the Company, in an atmosphere of social cooperation and partnership.

The Policy is designed to maintain the status of the Company as an attractive and socially responsible employer.