SEG Motol launches new high-tech compressor oils in Uzbekistan

SEG Motol launches new high-tech compressor oils in Uzbekistan

SEG Motol launches new high-tech compressor oils in Uzbekistan

SEG Motol has launched a new range of compressor oils in Uzbekistan. This initiative is the result of research work to create formulations that combine modern, multifunctional, ash-free additives with high quality base oils produced at the Fergana Refinery. 

As a result, the oils leave no deposits on working surfaces, even when operating at high pressures and temperatures, which helps to extend the service life of compressors. 

SEG Motol compressor oils are also characterized by increased oxidation stability, which is especially important for high-load compressors. 

Until recently, two types of compressor oils were produced at the Fergana Refinery - KS-19 and KP-8C - which only met outdated GOST requirements. However, the new products are manufactured in accordance with the German Institute of Standardization (DIN), a recognized international leader in the formation of technical requirements for modern industrial equipment.  

SEG Motol’s compressor oils will be available in a range of different viscosities – VG 46, VG 68, VG 100, VG 150 and VG 220 – for use in different climate conditions and operating temperatures. 

The possible applications for the new range of oils cover almost all modern volumetric and dynamic compressors, including reciprocating and rotary compressors, valve plates and turbochargers. These equipment lines are used in energy, chemical, petroleum, construction, metallurgical, machine-building and other sectors where oil performance levels not lower than DIN 51506 VDL are required.  

SEG Motol new oils are also designed for use in Compressed Natural Gas fuelling stations across Uzbekistan. 

«The launch of SEG Motol’s compressor oils represents the company’s latest step in creating a range of high-tech industrial lubricants that meets the requirements of modern industrial equipment manufacturers. SEG Motol had recently introduced new hydraulic and gear lubricants onto the Uzbek market,» said Bakhtiyer Asatullaev, Director of SEG Motol.